YASKAWA Elevator Integrate Control


Control capabilities

  • Simplex: full Selective.
  • Duplex: 2 cars.
  • Group control: 4 cars.
  • Destination base dispatch: 6 cars.
  • Features/Benefits

  • Direct landing operation
  • Automatic short floor recognition
  • Load compensated anti-rollback without requiring a load weighed
  • Auto-tune procedure for PMAC motors (not required for Induction).
  • Vector control technology. High performance motor speed control
  • PWM technology effectively reduces motor noise and power loss
  • CAN serial communication enhances communication reliability
  • Compatible with 220VAC power input UPS emergency backup
  • Controller & drive are combined in a single unit for reliable, simple operation
  • Keypad designed for easy status and event viewing
  • UI access through on-board keypad, hand-held device, PC, or Android smart device
  • On-board keypad/display allows status display, call registration, & hoist way learn
  • PC interface provides password-protected full access and control
  • Android smart device provides password-protected full access and control
  • Easy parameter format to maximize convenience
  • EN81 and GB7588-2003 safety requirements
  • Provides unintended car motion solution; passes A3 certification
  • EMC certified to 4KV