Kinetic gearless elevator is available with & without machine room option. It operates on single-phase 230 v power supply.

The machine is located within the shaft itself without requiring additional space. The internal shaft dimensions, the pit, and the headroom are identical to conventional standard elevator specification. Kinetic MRL elevator needs no load-bearing shaft walls and the pit, where all vertical and horizontal forces as well as vibrations and noise are absorbed.

The owner of a building can do without A machine room and benefits from more space. The architect benefits from Additional design freedom and does not need special load bearing shaft walls.

Advantages of Gearless Elevator

  • Ideal product for shop-office and residential applications.
  • Capacity available upto 2000 kgb. St Speed upto 2.5 m/s.
  • No machine room required. The machine is housed within the hoistway, allowing a more flexible building design whilst reducing construction cost and time.
  • Compact and lightweight design, to fit within minimum space, with low headroom and pit requirement.
  • Supporting hoistway steel structure included as standard feature, reducing building work, and expediting installation work.
  • Automatic / manual doors for landings and car as standard feature.
  • Excellent energy saving features.
  • Maintenance is via a panel located at floor level.