Designed for lifting in the context of standard systems with a capacity of 320 kg using a 520 mm pulley. Equipped with design features which facilitate installation in three different positions to fix it to the frame. This layout enables the operator to use the same unit for installation in the right, left and vertical positions.

Technical features

  • Extremely compact dimensions, with the option of easily removing the pulley, flywheel and stator motor with braking unit;
  • Complete range of motors available, either in ACVVVF version – with inverter control capability – or two-speed AC2 version;
  • Forced ventilation motor (as standard) which enable 240 windings/hour for inverter-capable motors (ACVVVF) or 180 windings/hour for two-speed version motors (AC2);
  • Traction pulleys built using spheroidal cast iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563, a highly resistant material with minimum hardness of 250 HB. Diameters between 320-600 mm;
  • Provision for incorporating an SSB brake device in accordance with the recent EN 81-80, EN 81.1 and A3 guidelines.
  • Extremely silent, with levels below 60dBA VDI;
  • Three separate oil level indicators so as to facilitate high-quality inspection from any position; long-life synthetic oil provided with the machine (oil capacity = 4 lt.)
  • Eelectromagnetic braking system with exceptional electric and mechanical features.