Produced for system with a 480 kg capacity.This winch has long been the best seller worldwide, with more than 400,000 units installed in over sixty countries.

Technical features

  • Complete range of motors in versions VVVF and AC2
  • Forced ventilation motor (as standard) which enable 240 windings/hour for inverter-capable motors (ACVVVF) or 180 windings/hour for two-speed version motors (AC2);
  • Traction pulleys built using spheroidal cast iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563, a highly resistant material with minimum hardness of 250 HB. Diameters between 340-600 mm;
  • Provision for incorporating an SSB brake device in accordance with the recent EN 81-80 and A3 guidelines.
  • Electromagnetic braking system with exceptional electric and mechanical features