The objective of the MR16 design is to satisfy the requirements of the 1000 kg load range. It boasts the same exclusive features and is based on the same successful design concepts as the MR10 and the MR13.

Technical features

  • A motor which can be dismantled, AC2 or VVVF, for ease of maintenance;
  • Aluminium motor casing, to facilitate efficient cooling and reduce the weight of the machine (winch weight = 450 kg);
  • Multiple cooling fans for even air circulation and greater reliability;
  • Removable pulley system, for ease of transport and installation, built in spheroidal cast iron with a minimum hardness of 250 HB, which will not need to be replaced over time;
  • Provisions in place for the incorporation of a SSB (Slow Shaft Brake) on a slow shaft which is fully compliant with EN 81-80:2004 regulations point 5.9.4, a device which prevents excessive speed during the ascent of the cabin and uncontrolled movements while the doors are open, EN 81.1 and A3;
  • Greater silence, under 60dBA VDI;
  • Electromagnetic braking system with exceptional electric and mechanical features