Sliding Guide Shoe

Guide shoe is a sliding part between elevator guide rail and car, what we call it guide shoe. It can fix the car on the guide rail and make car running up and down. Oil cup upper the guide shoe that can reduce the friction of the shoe line and guide rail. There are four sets of guide shoes installed in each unit, respectively on both sides of the upper beam and under the safety clamp seat at the bottom of the car; and also four sets counter weight guide shoes are mounted on the bottom and top of the beam.


The guide shoes fixed on the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rail installed on the wall of the well way of the building to prevent the car from deviating or swinging in operation.

Over Speed Governor


It is an elevator device which acts as a stop device in case the elevator runs beyond the rated speed. This device must be installed in the traction elevators and roped hydraulic elevators.

Safety Gear


Elevator safety gear is the part of elevator, which is the safety protection device for protecting elevator runs safely. Elevator safety gear is operated by elevator over speed governor, the function is that stops the elevator car and holds the elevator car at the elevator guide rail in an emergency when the running speed of elevator car exceeds the set speed by elevator over speed governor, or elevator suspension rope is in broken or lose situation. Elevator safety gear provides effective protection for elevator running in safe; usually it is installed on the elevator car or counterweight frame.



A buffer is a device designed to stop a descending car or counterweight beyond its normal limit and to soften the force with which the elevator runs into the pit during an emergency. They may be of polyurethane or oil type in respect of the rated speed.