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Elevator Designing Software
Our Elevator units are being designed by a special designer software "LIFT designer 4.0" according to European standard EN: 81. This software also makes selections of Elevator components according to Specified Load, Speed and Height of the shaft.
Salient features of "LIFT designer 4.0" software
  • It creates two and three dimensional drawings
  • EN: 81 Calculations
  • Customizing options
  • Selection of components such as Suspension ropes, Guide rails etc
Traffic Analysis Software
For high-rise and commercial buildings, selections of Elevators are being done by Traffic analysis and simulation software "ELEVATE". This software is used to select the number, size and speed of elevators for all types of buildings. Analysis several situations such as Lunch peak at office Building, rush hours etc.
Salient features of "ELEVATE" software
  • Dynamic simulation incorporating a graphical display of elevators responding to passenger calls
  • Kinematics calculations are applied to generate accurate elevator speed profiles
  • ELEVATE gives simulation results in the form of graphs for the following aspects
    • Average Waiting Time and Time to Destination
    • Passenger Waiting Time Results
    • Passenger Transit Time Results
    • Time to Destination
    • Passenger Transfer by Floor
    • Queue Length
    • Car Loading on Departure from Home Floor
    • Car Loading on Arrival at Home Floor
    • Dispatch Interval from Home floor