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Salient features
  • Energy Conservation
  • Provides zero-speed brake stops, which will reduce wear on the elevator machine and brake.
  • No jerks at start and stop.
  • Leveling Accuracy: This could be as little as 1-2 mm leveling accuracy.
  • Speed Feedback: Speed position and position feedback to achieve good speed control, good riding comfort and good leveling accuracy.
  • Heat generated in the motor will be reduced and the life of the motor will be increased.
Emergency rescue system for elevators
  • In case of a mains failure, the lift stopped between two floors, Emergency rescue system will take care. It will drive the lift to nearest floor level and the automatic door will be opened and passengers will be evacuated safely.
  • Can be installed in all two speed, VWF controlled and Hydraulic systems.
  • Powered by 5 batteries, which need no maintenance. Thanks to Smart Battery Charge System, this helps batteries to work for many years.