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Traction Elevators
  • Two speed: Elevator motor has two windings (a) High speed and (b) Slow speed. Elevator starts at High speed and will be traveling in the high speed. Before landing Elevator will go to slow speed and then it will stop
  • V.V.V.F. (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency): Elevator motor has only one winding and will be driven by Variable Frequency Drives. With the help of the Drives smooth start and smooth stop will be achieved. In two speed, total voltage 415 VAC and frequency 50 HZ are directly fed in to the motor.
  • But in VVVF drives the voltage is fed from 0 V AC to 415 V AC and Frequency is fed from 0 Hz to 50 Hz gradually with the help of Drives, so that smooth starting and stopping are being achieved.